Sunday, May 17, 2009

How Engineers Cook

Well, this is an old collection. Just thought of sharing it here. This is how we engineers cook our food. 

First the raw material is purchased from the vendor. This involves a bid from various vendors and the best quality eggs with least price are chosen. 

Next step involves a thorough quality check of the raw materials. The raw material have to pass various tests, like in this case the viscosity might be an essential factor. Here Ostwald viscometer showed the viscosity to be 29 cP. As it was in the range 25-30 cP, the quality check was passed by the eggs.

The raw materials are put on various machines and heat treatment is given to them to produce required shape. Heat treatment is one of the crucial stages in processing as the material's strength is determined by it. 

Then the finishing operations are carried out. They take care that the product has been given proper surface finish. 

Then comes packaging and delivery. Here special importance is given to aesthetics as customer first tastes the food with his eyes and then eats it with his mouth. 

The finished product is sent to the market. 

The customer purchases the finished product and puts it to appropriate use. He then sends appropriate feedback to the manufacturer who then modifies his process accordingly if needed.