Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Maths Questions for 10th Std

Just came across some Maths questions I had framed for teaching my sister in her 10th class and magnanimously sharing it here :)
P.S. Click on the question to enlarge it .

For any doubts, feel free to drop a mail to bhatchimu@gmail.com
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Sunday, February 7, 2010


This is a pretty old blog post. If you are searching for some new phones, then I would recommend Flipkart as they always come up with some awesome offers.

I checked out this cellphone of SPICE three days back.
Model No: QT-55
Came home and googled for customer feedback and surprisingly found no mention of this model, not even on the SPICE mobile website. The features were however appealing, considering that one can get it for only 3.5k (MRP is 3699/- but can be negotiated to 3.5k or more if you are good at it).

I fell in love with it at first sight, not when I first saw the model but when I first saw the MRP! :P
Finally I bought it and have been using it for past two days and it feels great to possess it, especially when people who know, that you have been using an old fashioned nokia 6020 model for past 3.5 years suddenly start staring at you! It looks great, at least to my eyes. And buying the cellphone out of my own 'hard-earned' stipend, makes it even more special :)

As far as features are concerned, I would say, they might slightly fall short of NOKIA (E63 costs 11.4k) or SAMSUNG (Corby costs 6.7k) but considering that the cost is just 3.5k, features provided are cool... Point is this difference in price I would attribute more to the fact that NOKIA has better brand name than SAMSUNG and it in turn has better brand name than SPICE.

Salient Features:
1) Qwerty keyboard \m/
2) Dual simcard (now onwards both my simcards are active); well this was my primary motivation to buy this phone
3) Mobile tracking if cellphone is lost (recent high end models have this feature wherein if your cellphone is stolen and the thief inserts his simcard, then his simcard sends sms to 5 numbers you had stored before, which makes tracking it easier)
4) Inbuilt FM antenna (means you don't have to carry your headphones everywhere), plus FM recording (scheduled FM recording also), which is also great quality to a non-critic's ears
5) Awesome speakers (loud and clear)
6) Motion games (rolling dice on shaking)
7) Ebook reader (But only .txt format)
8) Torch: quite powerful
9) Long battery life (1200 mAh, 5 hr talktime or 12 days on standby mode, normally lasts for 5-6 days as I use music player often)
10) Two slots for expandable memory (I am using a 2 GB card that cost me extra 300 bucks).
11) 1 year warranty
12) Bluetooth
13) Screen display is cool :)
14) Camera (well can't zoom while clicking photos and it's not high resolution, about this feature I would say "just fine")
15) Videoplayer (plays only few formats, I am yet to figure out which all formats work). In audio files, most common formats like mp3, wav are supported.
16) Screen display is cool :)
17) Melody composer, which used to be provided with only low end cellphones is present. We also have some stuff which is of not much use to me: Ibibo, Nimbuzz, mGurujee, email2sms, rueters, spice gang, job search, weather, cricket updates and mms.

18) What is lacking is USB file transfer, you have only bluetooth to transfer your files. But I already had a card reader, so I thought I could manage the limitation of USB. I had heard from my friend, that USB connectivity is bad for most SPICE cellphones, so I guess they removed this feature completely in this model
19) Also no Wi-fi connectivity, but I hardly use my cellphone for browsing, as I can use my lappy when I am at home. It's GPRS enabled though!
20) If you are looking for GPS or touchscreen, then these features are absent. Finally few minor features like keypad password protection, when you unlock your keypad, are absent. Also I am unable to figure out how to insert smileys in smses yet!
21) Speed is not as good as nokia phones, but still manageable.
(Obviously you can't expect everything in 3.5k)

So overall, based on my needs, I would say this phone \m/

But I can't comment about the reliability/ durability until I have used it for a few months. Also this is not an advertisement for selling this model, they are just my personal opinions. I don't take the responsibility for any kind of dis-satisfaction caused to you if you purchase this mobile. Please check the features yourself before buying. And also don't comment saying "bakwaas phone hai!" Rather suggest a cellphone with better features for same price :P

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Animal lover, am I?

Ten days of PS2 in Bengaluru were over; work in Mercedes Benz had not started in full swing yet and just when we felt that we were well settled in our rented apartment, the army of bed bugs marched out from their hide-out one night, and killed our night's sleep. Bed bugs, bad bugs!

We had made up our minds to dispose the old mattresses and buy new ones, but I was in mood of a treasure hunt. Bed bugs usually hide in the dirtiest corners of the mattress and are about 5-6 mm in length. So in 45 mins, I managed to find and kill 10 bugs, from my bed and sprayed Baygon too. Later that night I had a good sleep without a single bite and sweet dreams about hmmm...

On Thursday, we went to Ulsoor lake and did a bit of paddle boating. The lake is beautiful. Though we reached after the closing time, I was able to convince that guy to allow us boating for 10 mins, which we later extended till 30 mins :P

On Saturday, we planned a trip to Bannerghatta National Park. The Grand Safari ride of about an hour, was fun. Though the rightside window seat was claimed by Pintoo, luckily for me most animals were on the left side of the bus, Left-side rocks! Teasing me backfired for Pintoo! The bisons, deers, bears, lions and tigers awakened the animal lover inside me. And later we checked out the beautiful butterlies too.

The zoo was legen-(wait for it)-dary. I borrowed Pratik's mp3 player and finally succeeded in convincing Vidyadhar to give me his mobile camera and took some awesome pics. Earlier that morning I had not taken a single pic as I had left my DIGICAM at home. I loved the birdies so much that I ignored the chicks for a moment! :P The golden pheasants, the hornbill, peacocks, grey partridge, heron, pelican grey, eagle owl, pigeons and the russel viper, python, zebra, iguana, emu, porcupines, hippopotamus were just few of the beautiful creatures about which I had until yesterday only read in textbooks. The lion tailed macaque started jumping when we reached there; understandable why it got excited!

Pratik, Anand, Antony and Sandeep went on the Elephant Ride. I saw tears rolling down the elephant's eyes and could feel how much he was troubled, so I decided not to trouble it more. Anyway I have been on an elephant ride before, so I only took pics and yeah, we touched the elephant's trunk! :P