Friday, April 10, 2009

Spill the beans

A few weeks back I started blogging and I am pleased to see that all you readers are loving my posts! Especially my last post, received a lot of comments. So I need to thank you all for sparing your valuable time for me. Indeed your comments mean a lot to me and encourage me to post better stuff next time!

A lot of guys and gals also asked me how I edited the photo of "BITS dome on coin". I am sure all of you would love to have similar photos of your own. So I have decided to spill the beans! Yes! But only if 20 different (non-anonymous) friends ask me to reveal the secret... :) So what are you waiting for? Post a comment! No gain without pain! And this is very less pain, lots of gain formula :P

One more lifeline added, if you are a follower of my blog, you can just paste your email id in the comments. I will email you the secret asap :P So that makes it even simpler I guess :)

Then you can have your own images and I promise it's going to be fun! Till then, here are some more photos of mine...

This photo is to be posted to Sonam Kapoor along with the flowers and love letter. Wish me luck friends...

I saw that dream after watching a horror movie...

My personal car- my BMW...

Why so serious???

Someday I will become a Popstar...

Har kisi ki aakhon mein mere jaisa banane ka sapna!!!

Rangoli... :)

M F Hussain making my potrait...

My different moods... ;)

When my hostel room flooded, I didn't complain, I enjoy swimming

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The day that was April 1st

I have had hundreds of ambitions in life but never dreamt about being a lawyer. May be because I thought I am not so good at lying/ fooling people. But my opinion changed on 1st April 2009 when this happened.

We have a students' blog in BITS started by the journalism department where all BITSians are welcome to post their ideas that they would like to share with other BITSians. Recently they decided to start a "Pic of the day" competition. BITSians can submit pics that they have clicked but it should be based on the theme of the day. At the end of the day, the best pic will be declared as the winner on the blog.

So I submitted this pic and did a lot of propaganda that BITS dome will now be seen on Indian Rupee. "Few specimen of the coin have been kept in Student welfare division for students to view and the details can be read on Hindu newspaper dated 01/04/2009." I had not expected anyone to believe it, because since morning a lot of guys/gals had already been fooled by other pranks and when pesticides are used over and over again even pests become immune to them.

But strangely enough a few guys did fall for it. Guess they were first yearites!! One of them asked me how long it would take for the coins to come in public circulation. I told him within a month we would find these coins all over India and even bus conductors might exchange them for change. At the end of the day, my pic did win the title of POTD (Pic of the day). Yoyo!!

Now if most guys guessed that the pic was photoshoped, where did I fool them? Everybody praised my editing skills and said I am pro in using photoshop. Someone called me the topper of Multimedia Course. They still think I used photoshop. Lol! I used a website that offers a variety of effects. I just had to upload the pic of the dome and it automatically put the pic on the coin and published the pic.

So did I fool you or not?