Saturday, February 28, 2009


After a successful journey of almost one week in my life (since my last post), I present before you a few of the Oscar winning moments during the week.

The nominees for the most delightful moment are: Slumdog Millionaire winning 8 oscars, some really heated arguments and jokes exchanged with Pintoo, leap into the swimming pool after 1 long tiring week, driving our ALTO after almost one month.

And the winner is: “some really heated arguments and jokes with Pintoo”

Speech: Pintoo is one of my beloved dudes in campus. Arguments with him can last for hours together and almost always are ridiculous and idiotic, yet they have sometimes made me laugh more than I have ever in my lifetime. And the best part he appreciates some of the most pathetic PJs I have cracked. The other day I said the center of mass of his body will shift if he wears his new heavy wrist watch and he will lose balance when he jumps from one tree to another ;) err... he’s our Makadman!! And he liked the technical joke! Hehe! :P By the way, having posted all this in public, I guess I'll have to face one more heated argument (which might get physical :( ) when he reads this post!

In the category of moment of achievement, the nominees are: completing DMV assignment at 2am after some really painstaking efforts, writing my first ANSYS code successfully, topping CAD in Test1 convincingly, Winning the 16th Trophy in RanchRush (that’s my favorite Yahoo game- see my orkut album for details). And the winner is “Topping CAD in Test1 convincingly”.
Speech: Getting a s
core of 57/60 was undoubtedly a dream come true when the average is just 25. Scoring more than double the average marks is a big achievement as far as academics are concerned.

The nominees for the most memorable moment are: Antony’s birthday treat at Royal Darbar, 8 guys in 1 Taxi NFS ride from Royal Darbar to BITS, Playing a pun on Antony by telling him he was OPRE topper, Watching “How can she slap me” videos. And the winner is: Watching ‘How can she slap me?’ videos

: In the Dadagiri show on Bind
aas channel, Esha the goddess slaps Ravi and he returns it with full force. (You can see the videos from youtube). There are some lolest videos on DC (a place to download all kinds of stuff from, in BITS) :P and the whole campus watches them and has intense discussion on mainchat. This time almost everyone agreed it was Esha’s mistake. She deserved a harder slap.

In the category of fiction, the nominees are: first kiss with my girlfriend (issshhh…!!!), driving our Alto at 100kmph, taking a 10m leap at the swimming pool and the award is bagged by “First kiss with my girlfriend.”

Speech: Fiction refers to some of the dreams that I might have

seen, either asleep or awake. : P

Almost all the times (including this one) awards in this category have been bagged by daydreaming. Well the kiss lastest for just about 20 seconds, but left memories worth 20 years. Err… and those 20 seconds will require at least 20 pages to describe, so I’ll post it some other time. :P Enough for now!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Idle Mind is Devil's Workshop

A Quick intro:
(1) Why the name Random Variables?
That's because I have planned to post some Random Stuff on this blog... :P

(2) Why "kaamdhandona"?
I always believe that Humans can stay busy if they choose to be or can stay idle if they choose so. The point I want to make here is the choice is in their own hands! What inspired the title of this blog "Kaam Dhando Na" is obvious from my above statement. (For Konkani-illiterate guys, it simply means I have no useful work to do...)
It was also my long quest to start a blog that finally gave birth to this useless crap on the net (as if I didn't have enough!!)

So what do you basically do when you are idle? Eh? You Fart?? Well that was unexpected!! But most people whom I know, think of means to waste their time, ob! And then they do that thing! But I am not like that. I only think of how to waste my time, and having arrived at a conclusion, I realize I have wasted enough time thinking and I get back to work. So that's exactly what I am going to do right now, I am going to get back to my work and post something more interesting when I become idle next time! Hang on!