Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crazy Ambitions

As if I didn't have enough confusions in life, one more got added into the list today. My ambitions in life have changed from time to time, some persisted for a few months, and others lived only for a few days. As far as I remember, my first ambition was born in our History class (probably 5th STD) when we were taught about the life of Gautam Buddha and Lord Mahavir. :P There I was sitting in the first bench, dreaming to be the 25th Tirthankar. I wanted to meditate, go in a forest, sit beneath a tree, probably erect a shivling there and do tapascharya! When Lord Mahadev would appear before me, I would ask him to fulfill my secret wish! :) I am not joking. I had been watching TV serials like Om Namah Shivaay, Jai Hanuman, etc. during those days. :P

I had made plans to collect sufficient sand when I go to Colva Beach and bring it home. Going to forest seemed impractical, so I had decided that during the long summer vacations, I would carve the shivling out of the sand and keep it on our terrace and sit there and meditate. :P

Well that was long ago. When I look back at those days, some of these ambitions seem too childish; almost always evoke a hearty laughter or at least a smile on my face, while some of them drive me into deeper thoughts. One of them is still alive. I have always wanted to see India in the list of developed nations, before I die. I have no idea how difficult this is. But I have wanted to make my contributions in this noble cause.

Today a thought occurred to me, I wish to go and spend some years of my life in a village, and give in my best to develop it. I would strive to bring electricity, water and food in every home and educate them about contributing to a developed India. I want to live life which I haven’t ever dreamt about. And I don’t mind if I have to collect cow dung or if I have to sleep hungry in cold beneath the plain sky. I want to experience how millions of men and women do it. Probably then only I will realize how lucky I am to have such a luxurious urban life and so many people to care about me. Then only I will learn not to complain for what God chose to give others but not me.


  1. Chinnu i dint kno u think so deeply re... i've lived in a village so i can say i've experienced the life u dreamin of to a certain extent :)

  2. Come to my native village then. Even I plan to take "sanyaas" there. It's a lovely place. You will love it ;D