Monday, February 23, 2009

Idle Mind is Devil's Workshop

A Quick intro:
(1) Why the name Random Variables?
That's because I have planned to post some Random Stuff on this blog... :P

(2) Why "kaamdhandona"?
I always believe that Humans can stay busy if they choose to be or can stay idle if they choose so. The point I want to make here is the choice is in their own hands! What inspired the title of this blog "Kaam Dhando Na" is obvious from my above statement. (For Konkani-illiterate guys, it simply means I have no useful work to do...)
It was also my long quest to start a blog that finally gave birth to this useless crap on the net (as if I didn't have enough!!)

So what do you basically do when you are idle? Eh? You Fart?? Well that was unexpected!! But most people whom I know, think of means to waste their time, ob! And then they do that thing! But I am not like that. I only think of how to waste my time, and having arrived at a conclusion, I realize I have wasted enough time thinking and I get back to work. So that's exactly what I am going to do right now, I am going to get back to my work and post something more interesting when I become idle next time! Hang on!


  1. u fart when ur idle???funny bablu never complains abt d stink!

  2. That refers to the reader dude.. not the writer...

  3. Your write up and intro itself suggests that you are a person of myriad tastes.. not that i need to read it to know that..good to see you in the blog world and we await your random variables.. its the perfect time to start your blog and share your ideas..

    i too had started a blog to share my ideas but unfortunately my blog is now a portal to share academic information with my students..

    Best wishes for your blog and hope to see interesting random variables..

  4. Hmmm.. This was your first post right? I am reading it last though, anyway enjoyed reading all the random stuff you posted on your blog. It's shaped into a really nice one, so soon, so good! ;D And you inspired me to start blogging too.. Let's see I will start soon ;D