Friday, December 18, 2015

Arvind Kejriwal Exposed...!!!

This blog is based on common sense observations and perspectives of a common man who feels cheated and fooled by a seemingly inexperienced but in reality an extremely smart politician (can't forget that he is an IITian mind after all). Yes, none other than the great Arvind Kejriwal.

He started off as a crusader against corruption along with Anna Hazare. He used this opportunity to first gain nation-wide visibility with the help of media and social media. He galvanized the youth and became a popular name in every house. Later, he cunningly used the popularity he had gained to start a party. The 2013 Delhi elections were nearing and he focused most of his efforts around corruption in Delhi. Needless to say, the strong party at that time was the Congress and the chief minister was Sheila Dikshit. It would be foolish to assume that no corruption in other parts of the country took place during the few months before Delhi elections. However, almost all of the efforts of Kejriwal and his party were focused on exposing scams of Sheila Dikshit. He questioned the Delhi Electricity Boards, named large companies like Reliance in a smart effort to sound like a messiah of poor people.

So to conclude, during his early days, he had his short term goals of gaining the seat of CM of Delhi and hence he focused mainly on Sheila Dikshit. However, after getting re-elected as CM of Delhi with clear majority in the beginning of 2015, he did not pursue the case with the same vigor. The question that AAP party and CM should answer is, if his real intention was to fight corruption, then even when the year 2015 has nearly ended, why has he not been able to prove his case even when he claimed to have a 370 page document with all required evidence to bring her to justice? The answer is simple... His battle was already won when Sheila Dikshit had lost the CM seat and moved to a faraway state Kerala as Governor. What would Kejriwal have gained by focusing his energy on her?

Now going back to 2014 general elections. What really seems to have happened here was Kejriwal seems to have become a little over-confident due to his party winning 2013 Delhi elections. He started dreaming big. He misjudged the support he had and thought that he had been successful in creating a wave across the country. He dreamt that he would be successful in hopping from the CM seat to PM seat. With this overconfidence he resigned as the Delhi CM. His heads-on collision with Narendra Modi at Varanasi turned out quite expensive for him. 

Nevertheless, focusing on his strategy of exposing corrupt politicians for now. In order to win national elections, he had to focus on all the states equally. So he prepared a list of over 20 most corrupt politicians that includes big names like the Gandhis of Congress, Nitin Gadkari, P Chidambaram, Sharad Pawar, Suresh Kalmadi, BSP chief Mayawati, Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav, to name a few. This was in Jan'2014 and the national elections were to be held from Apr'2014. Unfortunately for him, he lost the elections due to various reasons. 

He then came out of his world of reverie. He realized he had tried to hop too fast. He had to go back and beg to the people of Delhi to reelect him as the CM. Surprisingly, he has really good oratory skills and convincing power, for which he deserves credit. He was able to fool the people of Delhi once again. And this time, he won with a clear majority. However, he was not happy being the CM. The defeat against Narendra Modi at Varanasi was a bitter pill for him to swallow.

Fast forwarding to the Bihar elections. By this time, Arvind Kejriwal had understood that to become the next PM of India in 2019, he would have to use a different strategy. He would have to work much harder, may even have to form a few alliances. He kept aside his list of 20+ corrupt politicians and never pursued them. In fact, he joined hands with the same politicians who are well known for corruption. This was a clear proof of his political vendetta. His single goal became - to attack the politician who is occupying the seat, which he wants next. Thus for every simple reason he began to criticize Modi and ministers close to him. This is the why he has been targeting Arun Jaitley. One of the charges that Kejriwal has accused Arun Jaitley involves spend to the tune of 114 crore when the approved budget was 24 crore (i.e. accusation worth 90 crore).

However, also in the news is the corruption charges in the National Herald case where the Gandhis are accused of taking over the assets of the defunct print media outlet in a “malicious” manner to gain profit and assets worth over Rs 2,000 crore. Has Arvind Kejriwal raised his voice against this? Congress on one hand has been stalling the Parliament session and important bills are not being passed. Because the juvenile justice bill 2014 is still pending in the Parliament, the Nirbhaya accused was set free. This is a bigger concern for India as a whole. But is Arvind Kejriwal really concerned? He has been successful in taking the entire focus of the media towards his accusations against Jaitley, which also he is not very likely to be able to prove in court. Arvind Kejriwal has had a history of targeting only politicians who hold power or the seat that he is next targeting. The numerous U-turns that Kejriwal has taken also reinforce this perspective that he is doing anything and everything he can do to only use "anti-corruption" as a weapon to gain political mileage.

Arvind Kejriwal is really good in using following skills:
1) Gaining attention of media by creating big headlines/ sensations - like attacking PM directly by using foul words on Twitter
2) Victim playing- This is a well established strategy for gaining public support, which is in the blood of Arvind Kejriwal

Highlighted in red color are the names whom Kejriwal had once targeted for corruption but never really pursued till the end after his purpose was achieved. If he truly believed that any of these politicians were corrupt, then he should have brought them to justice irrespective of whether he would face them in the next elections or not. It is time we understand these tricks of Kejriwal and stop being fooled.

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