Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A walk to remember

Two months since my last post, and my readers seemed furious with me for having kept them waiting so long. I had to blog tonight, even though it meant staying awake as late as 3:00am. Well that's the earliest I sleep actually ;) Thanks to my totally messed up schedule. Anyway back to the post.

It was a walk to remember, a stroll along the beach with Amey, Girish, Anand and Pratik. Early morning (9am is early according to my time zone) we met and after a light breakfast at Hotel Kamat started off to Benaulim. Rain God was kind with us; light drizzle was fun to get wet in while we played with a ball and a frisbee. We let our bags and belongings have the shelter under the tent built from my umbrella, lest Pratik would have to buy his 4th cellphone in 3 years!

Then we walked and I kept my Digicam busy. The shells, the starfish, the dead snake and the supposedly poisonous jelly fish (if you touch them you would get boils on your hand) were the main attraction.

Well, the last one is a jelly fish. We decided to poke it with a stick to see what's inside :P

That reminded Pratik and me of a butterfly, it reminded pintoo of something else!!

We continued our walk and Pratik suddenly dreamt of a Jeannie. Watch the video below.

The walk helped us build a good appetite by the time we had crossed Sernabatim and reached Colva and so we decided to have lunch at a nearby shack. It was the right time to try out new dishes, each of which rocked; fish was really tasty.

After a splendid lunch we took a bus to KTC and walked to Natural World, had a tasty scoop each and then returned home, tired but happy!


  1. Seconded...btw "then returned home, tired but happy!"->so reminiscent of those "Day at the beach" essays we had to write in school...but better than the "I got into bed and thanked God for having allowed me to enjoy such a wonderful day with my friends/family and slept with my head full of sweet dreams" that antony must hav ended his essays wid :P

  2. nice,,,guess u had gr8 fun...
    BTW wat was inside the jelly fish :P :D

  3. nice,,,luks lyk u guyz had a lotta fun :)
    BTW wat was inside the jelly fish :P :D

  4. Satyaprakash KamathOctober 1, 2009 at 8:47 PM

    fantastic post dude! was a pleasure to read with all the illustrative pics..

  5. hey .....looks like the perfect walk along the giv u a feel of the awesome weather.good job