Monday, June 29, 2009

It Finally Happened

After a long time, it finally happened. Before I tell you what ‘it’ is I have to tell you the background. So read on!

This weekend we planned to go to Elephanta Caves and also roam around a bit at Churchgate. Frankly, I am not much interested in history, so as expected I didn’t love the caves much. A few pics here and there, especially of monkeys, a snake and shops there, meditated a while there; but what really rocked our moods was the boat trip while going to and coming back from the caves, which are located on an island. This was the first time I had adventured into the sea; luckily for us, it was not raining that day; but the currents were still strong and they almost threw me off my feet a few times while I tried to stand on the deck and take a few pics. We decided to go on the top deck by just paying Rs10/- extra which were worth the amount of fun we had there. The driver even allowed me to manoeuvre the boat for a while, (when it was docked of course :P). The view was amazing, awesome, breath-taking, overwhelming, (even MSWord Thesaurus won’t provide me enough words, so let the pics say the rest. For higher resolution pics see my orkut album).

And yes, the boat trip begins and ends at Gateway of India and Hotel Taj. Earlier that day we took a few pics there.

After returning from the boat trip my friend did a bit of shopping at the Fashion street, we had ganne ka juice and went and sat at Marine drive for a while. Just then there was a drizzle, light enough for us to enjoy getting wet in it and strong enough to cause the rainbow behind us. My friend and I (both mechanical engineers) had a good discussion on how tetrahedral shaped concrete slabs, piled on top of each other, would help to disperse the stresses caused by splashing sea water tides and prevent the wall from falling. For nature lovers like me, apart from bird watching :P there were variety of crabs, (no pun intended here if it exists) and in all sizes. And finally I think I have told enough things to tell you what ‘it’ is. Unfortunately, ‘it’ happened. My DIGCAM battery got discharged, I had not charged it for a long time! I cursed myself over a hundred times for letting ‘it’ happen. So I could not take any pics at Marine Drive.

When the sun was almost about to set, we decided to retreat. I had a hamburger at Wincy and took a packed local back home. It was neither BCC, FCC, nor hexagonal packing; but worst kind of packing I have ever encountered, the density was highest I assure even without any calculations.

On Sunday we went to Juhu Chaupati, which was not much different from Colva beach, only it was more polluted as the tides brought with them polythene bags in addition to sea water. However, some things that you won’t get to see at Goan beaches are the Bombay Pav Bhaji and other chat stalls, the kalakhatta, chana masala, fruit decoraters, flute-sellers and the state-of-the-art fortune tellers, not humans but robots! (See the pic). We transformed our jeans into shorts and enjoyed the splash of waves for a while and then fed our hungry bellies at the Chat stalls.


  1. @para1:Monky pic huh?Nostalgic fr bablu? :P
    Btw use wordweb..its much better than msword :D
    @para2:Gud u wer physicists...else wud hav discussed optics behind secondary rainbows..
    @para3:u eat pork? :P

  2. u had a hamburger? i hope u knw wot it contains:P
    anyway..nice one:-)

  3. well yes, for a change i had one :P
    it tasted delicious :)

  4. hey chinmay...this is chetali( samant) loved ur blog dude..especially the name...:)

  5. @above, 'ham' burger so its ham not pork..and its mumbai, You get kawwa biryani,crow that is for 5 bucks also!

    Nice blog!I didn't knw i had forgotten to comment!

  6. thanx chetali didi..

    @Ratpik: For my 10-p treat I will give you kawwa biryani :P

  7. havin fun i see
    so wats up with the hamburger deal?

  8. just reminded me of Mumbai all over again. Especially fashion street! what more can u expect of a girl (sigh!)

  9. hey we've got chat stalls and pav bhaji stalls at miramar dude!!! never been there?? goa is goa!! nice blog though....i love the title...

  10. Goan beaches r much better i know.. :) at least much cleaner..